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descriptionAchat groupé de capa bypass

Denis je me suis trompé d'endroit pour afficher ! veux tu l'enlever dans achat vente; merci.

Si j'ai des partenaires sérieux , j'irais bien pour une centaine ! La seule manière d'avoir un prix abordable . Le reshipping par poste Canada est d'environ $11.(500gr) pour QC,ON,NB, en bas d'une douzaine c'est pas très économique .

Cornell Dubilier 940C / 0,01uF / 3000VDC - 10% tolerance

Technical specifications (according to manufacturer): "Type 940 round, axial leaded film capacitors have polypropylene film and dual metallized electrodes for both self healing properties and high peak current carrying capability. This series features low ESR characteristics, excellent high frequency and high voltage capabilities; high dV-dt for snubber applications; capacitance range 0,01 to 4,7µF; capacitance tolerance ±10%; rated voltage 600 to 3000 VDC (275 to 500 VAC, 60 Hz); operating temperature range with ripple 55ºC to 105ºC / full rated voltage at 85ºC - derated linearly to 50% rated at 105ºC; insulation resistance more than 100.000 MO x µF; test voltage between terminals @ 25ºC 160% rated DC voltage for 60s; test voltage between terminals & case @ 25ºC 3kVac @ 50/60 Hz for 60s; life test 2000 h @ 85ºC, 125% rated DC voltage; life expectancy 60.000 h @ rated VDC 70ºC; case material UL510 polyester tape wrap; resin material UL94V-0 epoxy fill; terminal material tin plated copper."
Sound: Using the 3000VDC Cornell Dubilier 940C as a bypass capacitor in the value 0,01uF really is the "icing on the cake" when you are looking for a low cost bypass capacitor that gell's everything into one coherent sound. Over the past few years I have used these in many different combinations and everytime they just added more to the overall sound. More coherency and more ease. Especially when you have been "cooking" to find your favourite mix of capacitors and only need to cement the different characters together. Adding the 940C creates an overall more mature sounding speaker. And no, they are not better than the Duelund Silver Bypass capacitor that excel's in naturalness and richness of tone. The Duelund is in another league, not only in sound quality but also in price ;-) The Vishay MKP1837 used to be my favourite low cost bypass capacitor but now it is the Cornell Dubilier 940C / 0,01uF / 3000VDC. It surpasses the Vishay with quite some margin :-)

Verdict: use them everywhere!



descriptionRe: Achat groupé de capa bypass

Comme il n'y a pas de preneur ; je vais y aller pour une commande personnelle de moindre quantité .

descriptionRe: Achat groupé de capa bypass

Discuté avec 2 personnes qui utilise ce polypropylène et les deux sont enchanté du résultat ; personne d'intéressé ici sur DIY Québec ?  Pierre

descriptionRe: Achat groupé de capa bypass

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